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Flightline on Aviano AB, Italy
Hours: Mon - Fri 0700 - 1000; 1100 - 1530     
*now serving breakfast & lunch
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What is Fresh...?

Fresh is food that wasn't food a few hours ago... it was just ingredients

Fresh is the ABSENCE of countless preservatives that you can't pronounce or identify outside of a lab.

Fresh is food that is prepared because you ordered it. It has not been waiting for you in a freezer...

Fresh is saying NO to dips born from powder and water

Fresh is 100% lean cuts of Chicken and Pork Tender loin Dry-Rubbed and Grilled to Perfection

Fresh is Chilled Homemade Sauces and Savory Spices, Soft Doughy Toasted Folds, Inspired Signature Salads, Crumbled Feta Cheese, Spicy Creamy Humus, and Falafel Ground this a.m.

Soft doughy toasted folds baked Fresh every morning

Fresh is "Fast Food" you can feel good about...

Fresh...is Marko's Grill

See you at lunch time!!!