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Flightline on Aviano AB, Italy
Hours: Mon - Fri 0700 - 1000; 1100 - 1530     
*now serving breakfast & lunch
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Real Food… Fast

The Fire Grilled "Gyro" - Inspired from the Greek Gyro, this grilled fold is a bold new take on an old classic. Fresh off the grill, we stuff our slow dry-rubbed Chicken into our piping hot toasted folds, topped with our vine tomatoes, Spanish sweet onions, and our famous white sauce.


The Grilled Platter - All the goodness above, served with our signature fries and creamy Hummus dip.


Monster Fries - A Monster size meal - your choice of our grilled meats, sauces and spicy glazes, layered and piled high over our signature fries for a treat you won't forget.
"Everything you wanted from a fry but were too afraid to ask"…Ask!


Falafel - fresh as it gets - Freshly ground chick peas blended with our unique spices, fried to a golden crisp, and folded into a bed of our creamy hummus, topped with your choice of our veggies, mixed greens, sauces and spicy glazes.


Our Mediterranean Salad - Mixed greens, garden tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, olives, and feta cheese, with a two-combo dressing--first our lemon-balsamic-vinaigrette followed by two delicate ladles of our yogurt-cucumber dressing. Like it spicy? Try our spicy glaze on our salads too!


Mediterranean Grilled Power Salad - Lean strips of tender meat seared and drenched in a lemon rosemary garlic sauce then tossed together with mixed greens, olives, feta cheese, crunchy cucumbers and our special yogurt-cucumber dressing… a power salad at it's best.


Falafel Salad - Our Mediterranean Salad topped with freshly ground and fried falafel… a vegetarian offering for everyone.



Portion of Fries


Side of Falafel

$1.00 each

Portion of Hummus or Tzatziki
(a homemade cool and creamy yogurt-cucumber-garlic sauce)


Fresh flatbread


Soda or Water